Sidney Savage

app 09 brown washer

Brown Washer

mixed media fiber art jewelry

Sidney Savage

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Artist: Sidney Savage

City: Lake Orion, MI     


Artist Statement: My work is a combination of many different mediums and techniques. While I come from primarily a fiber art background, recently I have been experimenting with the idea of incorporating re-purposed and household items into my work.

When I am in my studio, I fell no sense of time or obligation. I only feel the need to express my ideas. There are times when it feels like I have more designs in my head than I have sketchbooks to fill. I felt a true freedom when I realized that I could add glass, metal, beads and other embellishments to my "fiber art" pieces. What was long considered "woman's work" is finally starting to receive the attention and merit it has always deserved.  This is such a wonderful time to be an artist!

Publications:  "1000 Artisan Textiles" by: Sandra Salamony and Gina M. Brown, May 2010

ExhibitsFabrications "Blurred Boundaries": People's Choice Awards 2009; Gallery 50 "Breaking Boundaries: The Art of the Quilt": Honorable Mention 2008; Sacred Spaces Art Quilt Exhibit:  Second Place 2007


Gallery representationArtistica in Dexter, MI


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