Cynthia Trevino Bodene


Moths in the Moonlight

Cynthia Trevino Bodene

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Artist: Cynthia Trevino Bodene

City: Farmington Hills, MI      

Artist StatementStarting with an early influence from women in my family who loved smocking, needlepoint, embroidery, and making clothes, it was a natural progression into this passion I have for mixed media wall art.

I simply love being able to use all of the options that the fiber world has to offer, to build a piece that will bring pleasure and curiosity to the viewer.


Exhibits"Rare-Remote-Irreplacable" won Best in Show; "Dragonflies of the Desert" won First Place Award at the 2011 "Festival of the Arts" Nativity Episcopal Church.

Running through the end of 2011 I am showing 21 pieces at Oakwood Hospital, Dearborm MI in their main galley "Art for the Spirit".

Gallery representationAusable Artisan Village, Grayling, MI


Online presenceBusiness

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